No 4: Stan Rydarowicz

My buddy Stan Rydarowicz passed away suddenly in December 2015 and I’d like to devote a post to him.

I met Stan at Naperville in the mid-2000s.  Stan was buddies with Clark Propst and Chet French and Mike Moore, among others, who were also regular Naperville attendees.  In 2005 Stan attended St. Louis RPM for the first time and we talked a lot there, and thereafter I started meeting up with Clark and Stan and Chet at Naperville, Cocoa Beach and St. Louis on a regular basis.  I believe I also saw him a few times at the neat Marion, Ohio RPM.

Stan was a great guy and always happy.  He was always ready with a smile and a joke, or some interesting comment on life in Youngtown where he lived and worked.  After a short while Stan would take over any conversation and start talking about food, work, or the ladies at church.  He definitely had a different outlook on life and the way he described things was hilarious.  He had an unmistakable accent.  He was always questioning why people did the things they did.

Our little inside joke was that we were the only two guys who wore shorts to RPM meets year-round, even in the winter.  I hate pants, and I suspect that Stan did too.

Stan was a good modeler and was willing to spend time and money and energy to develop products he wanted, and then share them.  I always admired and appreciated that.  I learned a lot from him because he would appear at every event with a new, very well researched model that was absolutely prototypically correct.

A few photos from St. Louis RPM 2014 are below.  Note the variety of models that Stan produced, most of which were simple modifications to existing off-the-shelf kits.



The photo below s one of Stan’s mini-kits that I finished around 2011.  It’s a Intermountain 1937 car with Stan’s proprietary PS ends and decals by Mark Vaughn.  A number of after-market parts were added, such as Hi-Tech air hoses, an AMB wood running board, Kadee #58 couplers, Cal Scale brakes, and Tahoe Model Works’ beautiful trucks with semi-scale wheelsets to name a few.  Stan did the hard part, providing the unique end castings and working with Mark on the decal set.


The last time I saw Stan was at Naperville 2015.  We ran into each other all day on Thursday and Friday and on Friday night me and Clark and a few guys went out to dinner and then came back to Clark’s room for some free (free for me, at least) beer and chips.  Stan was there and was a riot as always.  We yucked it up for a few hours and had a great time.

Chet, Clark and Stan

The nice photo above of Stan (left), Clark Propst and Chet French was taken at a recent Naperville convention, courtesy of Clark Propst.

Here are a few pictures of Stan at a few St. Louis RPM meets over the years.  I have more–just need to get them out of the home computer.


Stan (left) and Chet French (right) at St. Louis RPM, around 2006.


Stan (right) and Chris Merseal (left) of CRM Hobbies in St. Louis.  This photo is from St. Louis RPM, 2015.


Another shot of Stan, again at St. Louis RPM, I think from the 2013 meet.  I’ll post more when I can get to them.

2 Corinthians 5:8 Yes, we are fully confident, and we would rather be away from these earthly bodies, for then we will be at home with the Lord.

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